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Our SC Codes pilot program is ending June 30th. Please stay tuned for an announcement about the future of SC Codes later this summer.

South Carolina’s innovative coding education program

SC Codes is a hybrid independent study and in-person program that includes a weekly meetup led by a mentor. The program will require approximately 10-15 hours total per week to complete.

Greenville’s 12-Week Front End Development Program

Prospective students that are 18 years or older and qualify for a library card from the Greenville County Library System will need to submit an application and complete the Pre-Work required for enrollment. Candidates will have access to support through freeCodeCamp’s online forums and local group while completing the Pre-Work.

Students who are accepted into the SC Code Greenville program will benefit from joining a peer community with mentor support. Students will learn on their own time using the freeCodeCamp online curriculum and supplemental resources. Once a week for 2 hours, students are required to attend a meetup to review progress, get unstuck and learn from mentors who are part of our local technology industry.

The SC Codes program uses freeCodeCamp’s online curriculum which includes building projects to begin developing the student’s portfolio. The SC Codes Greenville program will provide an additional opportunity to build a project through Code for Greenville. Students will be encouraged to participate in the local tech community user groups for further growth and career connections.

What do I need to participate?

* A laptop is highly recommended but a desktop computer is adequate.

Is there a cost?

No, there is no fee. This program is offered at no cost to students through grant support from the South Carolina Department of Commerce. You only need your own computer and access to the Internet to do the work on your own time.