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About SC Codes

The pilot program SC Codes Greenville is a collaboration between the South Carolina Department of Commerce and the Greenville County Library System.

The goal of the SC Codes Greenville pilot is to train and mentor individuals as software developers through a curated experience in an effort to grow the technology sector in Upstate South Carolina.  While this need is being addressed by other training providers, SC Codes Greenville gives an opportunity to individuals who cannot access these other services due to various barriers, including but not limited to financial and time limitations.

Our mission includes increasing diversity in the workforce by enrolling students who are underrepresented in the technology sector (e.g., women, people of color) or with barriers to employment, but anyone 18 or older with a high school diploma or equivalent is eligible to apply.

Front End Development Track

The SC Codes Greenville pilot program consists of a 12-week Front End Development session using the freeCodeCamp online curriculum. Students will learn HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript.

There is no cost for students to participate. Prospective students will need to submit an application and complete the Pre-Work required for enrollment. Completion of the 12-week session will assist students in achieving the freeCodeCamp Front End Development Certificate.

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